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So many of you have heard me talk about our Labrador Retriever, Molson, that I thought that I should share that we had to put him down last weekend.  He was 11 and a half and a HUGE part of our family.  He has had a rough year with the move to California as he was diagnosed with diabetes in January and then losing his eyesight as a result.  His mobility from early onset of arthritis continued to deteriorate making quality of life for him diminish.

Molson was our first baby and began our parental responsibility.  He was my first real model as I learned my film SLR camera.  He brought absolute joy to our house from the moment we brought him home…yes, he brought some frustration as well but then what good things don’t:).  He was an odd puppy and that was what was so endearing about him.  Here are just a few of his quirks:

– He was the puppy sitting behind the fan that was blowing on one of the hottest days in July when we first met him (all of the rest of the dogs and puppies were in front of the fan).  However, he was the dog who had the bed (that was placed behind the fan) all to himself…loving the comforts right from the beginning.

– He went on to be one of the worst/smartest retrievers at the dog park…he would head out to fetch with the other dogs but then would wait and snatch the toy from the dog that actually retrieved it and return for the treat.

– His love for bananas had him almost tackling a VERY pregnant women at the dog park once.

– He loved to lay in the sun…he loved even more when we got air conditioning in the house and he could lay by the vent of cool air with his head still in the sun.

– He was so good with the children…tolerated my son as a toddler bouncing on his back and he LOVED “clean up” after EVERY meal at the hands of the little one:)

He (and my children) have brought the most belly laughs that I have ever had in my life.  Our household will not be the same without this pooch but was so much fuller because of him (questionable grammar:).  I don’t think that it will be long before we have another 4 legged family member…and no, it will not be a lizard much to our son’s dismay!

Here are a few pictures of our pooch.  Sorry some are snaps of prints (we have been going through bins of pictures this week:).


  1. Cristina Thomas { Dec 21, 2012 } Reply

    Hugs to you all.
    What a beautiful post Jody.

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