Milestones | Calgary Children's Photographer09.29.09

I have had the pleasure of shooting this family through many, many milestones!  This is one of my girlfriends and her children…I have watched her almost 7 year old from the time she was a baby.  I was still shooting film when E was born and I was just doing photography as a hobby.  It is amazing how quickly everything changes.  E is now almost 7 and is just getting adult teeth, her sister A is just loosing her first teeth and their younger brother, E, is just turning 2 (and to continue the teeth theme…probably working on some  molars).

I do apologize that I am so far behind with everything…that is all changing this week.  More sneak peeks to come!

Calgary Child Photographer 43Calgary Child Photographer 46Calgary Child Photographer 45
You will notice that A’s tooth loss was recent as she is still sticking her tongue through her teeth as she shows me her highland fling.

Calgary Child Photographer 44Calgary Child Photographer 42Big smooch for mom!

Calgary Child Photographer 41Calgary Child Photographer 47We could not miss the opportunity to get outside and take a few with the leaves!  Glad we did not as they have been flying off the trees this week!

Calgary Child Photographer 38Calgary Child Photographer 36A little Hannah Montana…still not something I am very familiar with…it is still all about cars in our house.

Calgary Child Photographer 37Calgary Child Photographer 39

  1. Brenda Poole Bellows { Sep 29, 2009 } Reply

    The outside pics are particularly wonderful…and I love the older girl’s stylish glasses!

  2. oh, these images are fabulous! so close to my heart, too, as i have two older daughters and a little boy. these kiddos are absolutely adorable. and LOVE those cool glasses!

  3. Jody – I am so glad we went outside – those turned out fantastic! Can’t wait to see the rest…thanks again!! Adrienne

  4. Fantastic shots Jody! 🙂 I am seriously in love with her glasses… Too cute!

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