Mexican vacation | Calgary Family Photographer04.26.10

How long ago was I away?? Yeah, these are from awhile ago. A little bit more timely than the last vacation post though:) I needed to get these up to at least share with family as we vacationed with my husband’s family and they would probably like to see some pictures. ┬áThere are not a ton this time…the shutter on my camera broke during this trip.

The first group is from a whale watching trip that we did. AWESOME! I am a HUGE marine lover…a scuba master would be my alternative dream job (not overly feasible this far inland though). The kids were both a little green on this trip so they may not be following in my footsteps. I am hopeful that this will pass though so one of them can replace my current dive partner(husband), who does not love trying to “keep up”;). He also does not love that I have been known to follow, hold, pet or resurface into things like barracuda, sting ray, reef sharks and jellyfish respectively. So you can only imagine my excitement when we encountered these three humpbacks…and the disappointment as I remembered that I had opted out of the scuba portion of the trip to watch my children’s reactions. My son’s reaction was worth this though as he did enjoy seeing them (prior to feeling ill).

The rest of the trip was mostly spent in the pool and my children both came back little fish…very proud mommy! I ended up with a bit of unexpected rest time due to throat, ear and foot infections. I should explain as a portion ties in with my love of marine life story. The throat and ear were just a cold but the foot infection was as a result of an encounter with a jellyfish (or some other type of sea creature) that had washed on to the beach. It seems running without shoes on the beach is not a good idea. That will teach me for trying to stay in shape on vacation;) And, of course, my husband said that only I would find the jellyfish on the beach. True enough and I will probably do it again!

One more thing…Itouches are an amazing invention…made for VERY enjoyable plane rides!

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