Lunch |Calgary Children's Photographer04.09.10

I had to share a couple of pictures from today’s lunch that I tweeted about earlier.  My daughter loves helping in the kitchen and yesterday while grocery shopping we decided to get the ingredients to make sushi.  Nothing fancy, just california rolls.  So that is what we did…despite the fact that I am *this* close to having the house back to some sort of order…I can almost see the floor in the laundry room…and the work is piling up (I apologize to all that are waiting for things from me…tomorrow…I promise!).  Anyway…we had a blast and here is what we have to show for it.  No, there are no pictures of process of making it as my kitchen was a mess…I also had Rice Krispy squares going on as a treat for my son…not a sushi lover.  oh, forgot to mention…the look she is giving her lunch is not what you think…it is just the moment that she paused before inhaling it!


  1. lololol so cute and wow you do a nice job on the sushi…looks so neat and tidy..I could not do that!! lol

  2. That looks awesome! I wish I would have done that!

  3. Sheri-Dawn { Apr 9, 2010 } Reply

    Looks good. We had soybeans for lunch as well. I’ll have to get the kids to try and help me make california rolls then maybe they’d like them.

  4. Well done Jody…you take the mom of the day award….hands down!

  5. great shots…looks delicious!

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