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with food! I have been tweeting and talking a lot about food and new things that I have been trying lately so thought that I would add it here too:) Anyone who knows me, knows I like food…good food. Which by my definition means fresh, colourful, tasty and healthy food. This love affair started back when I was little and my mum would take my brother and I to the grocery store. Once in awhile we were given money for a treat. My brother headed straight to the chocolate bar display and I would head promptly to the produce section and choose a new fruit or veggie that I had not yet tried. I understand that this is not normal and I am not certain as to where this came from. My mum cooked very healthy and prepared everything from scratch – junk food was rarely brought into our house…so you would think that I would head to the junk aisle when given the opportunity. Amazingly though, no – although don’t get me wrong…I enjoy a bag of Miss Vickie’s every so often:) I am super happy to say that this weird trait has rubbed off on my 4 year old. She is the child yelling through the grocery store…”We need cilantro…we need quinoa”. Proud mommy!

So with that background in place, I am constantly looking to tweak or better my diet (with diet I do not mean weight-loss program…I mean what I feed my family everyday). I particularly get more inclined or have more time to think about this at the start of each year. During the busy fall/Christmas season our diet suffers a bit and a refocus is required in the new year. This year, based on a lot of discussions with friends and clients about cancer and other diseases my interest has been focussed on the link between our diet and our health. So when I came across an interview with Kris Carr, the author of Crazy Sexy Diet, on Danielle Laporte blog (a blog that I love and follow on Twitter), I knew I had found something interesting – the title in itself is fun:). I promptly purchased the e-book and blasted through it. Now I have not gone full force vegan or even really scratched the surface of what Kris discusses but the few things that I have done are making me feel pretty good. For me, I was looking to easily add more greens and plant-based proteins to our diet and to eliminate some of the dairy and meat. After watching Food Inc last year, this has been on my mind and I have been slowly incorporating more vegetarian meals to our menu. My introduction of black bean burritos and sweet and sour lentils went over well in the fall so I have decided to up it a bit this year. There has been a lot of green drinks, smoothies and salads that I have trialling here over the past month and it is going well. The kids are enjoying some of them and I am LOVING how I feel. The change in my energy level (yes, even I can have more energy:) and even the change to my skin has been neat to see. It is amazing how many people lives are affected by life-threatening disease and it is hard to know what the variable is that has the biggest effect but I personally believe that what we nourish our bodies with goes a long way…even if it is just to feeling better (which may be half the battle). Since this is a photography blog…

  1. Jodi- this is a lovely, honest comment from a very busy mom about the power that good food has to make you feel great! I am so happy to hear that you are loving every minute of it! Also, in case anyone is wondering, it takes a fat amount of skill to make photos of food look anything other than a dog’s breakfast and you have that skill in spades! Your photo looks beautiful! How about sharing the recipe???
    In Health and Really Good Food,

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