Lots to celebrate | Calgary Children's Photographer11.05.09

This family came to me this year with lots to celebrate – 10 years together, new baby, becoming a big sister, new home and special birthdays! I am so glad that they decided to capture it all with pictures. They were an awesome family to work with! They had received their H1N1 vaccinations the day prior so the little girl did not live up to her “high voltage” nickname but she did awesome for me. I even like some of the more mellow pictures of her. It was a pleasure meeting you and I will have the rest of your gallery up soon!
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  1. Oh Jodi, these are wonderful! We are so pleased and can’t wait to see the rest. Emma has finally come around to her old self again. She was out for the count for a couple of days there and actually napped in the afternoon. That hasn’t happened in about two years, but her energy is back now – and then some!

  2. Sheri-Dawn { Nov 7, 2009 } Reply

    Wow! Teresa you still look the same. Haven’t seen you in 20+ years. You have a beautiful family and some great photos. Great shots as always Jody.

    Sheri-Dawn Guidolin(Hughes)

  3. Monica Kretschmer { Nov 21, 2009 } Reply

    Teresa and Ian, I am so tickled that you had the opportuity to do a shoot with Jody. You all look so amazing, healthy, and happy. Emma did really well as I know how challenging the little monkey can be to photograph.LOL.
    I know you will absolutley love and cherish your photos for many years to come. It is beautiful to capture your family as the little ones grow so quickly. PS. Love the drools!!!

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