2016 brought some new and amazing opportunities. Not only did I get to watch a number of existing clients grow but I also got to meet new clients and delve into new opportunities. It was a really exciting year with my brand film business growing and taking shape and then with an opportunity arising through the end of the year to work on a new marketing campaign for Lifestream. The opportunity came from a picture that I had shot of one of their blood recipients a few years ago highlighting the spirit of an amazing recipient. I was given the task of highlighting the “life” in each of the recipients – the life they are thankful for due to your generous donations! It was an amazing opportunity and it has been so fantastic to work with such a great organization and learn the success stories of these recipients (from burn victims to accident victims to heart transplant babies) and what blood donation can do to save a life. Here are just a few of the images that were captured…a huge thank you to all of you that donate blood and allow for these lives to thrive!! 


  1. Looks like they had an amazing and fulfilling day!!!!!! Way to capture such emotions!!!

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