Laughing | Calgary Child Photographer04.06.11

This is the sound that I have been hearing a lot from my children as they are playing together (don’t let me fool you though…there are fighting sounds too:).  The throw-your-head back, fall-off-your-chair, belly laughs have definitely stood out  though as they have been enjoying each other’s company lately.  I must also add that many times it is as a result of toilet talk that they have incorporated into whatever they are playing together but other times they are just being silly and they think each other are hilarious.  I have snuck up and caught them on video to get the sound but I really wanted to capture it as a still as well.  I wanted to make sure that I could see their baby teeth as amazingly they both still have them and I wanted a simple dark backdrop so I dragged each of them into the studio last week during Spring Break.  I was also playing with B&W’s and I had to include a detail shot I love:)

Calgary Children Photographer8
_DSC6320aaCalgary Children Photographer4

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