Just one for now | Calgary Family Photographer (in Mexico)03.20.11

This is a little treat for my mother-in-law from our trip to Mexico a few weeks ago. I know that she and my father-in-law are missing their grandchildren so had to share one. My daughter and mother-in-law have spent a bunch of time on the beach each year that we have visited them and concocted many pots of “soup”. This was one of their trips down to the water for “broth”. In case you are wondering, I shot this with my lensbaby. It had been awhile since I used it so decided that it was one of the two (yes, only two lens) that I would take this year.

I will share some more soon. It was so nice to get out and shoot for myself so I will definitely share a few more of the moments that I captured:)
calgary family photographer1

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