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I don’t tend to go into a lot of details about clients and their personal lives as I feel that it is personal and not for me to share.  I have been given permission to use the images and tell part of the story for this session.  This is Stephanie and her family.  I spoke a couple of blog posts ago about one of our team mates discovering this year that she has breast cancer.  This is her.  We felt it was important to get some family photos before she goes in for surgery tomorrow.  At this point, it is not certain if the cancer has spread but regardless the surgery tomorrow will be life changing.  It will be a long road ahead for their family and I am SOOOO happy that I was given the opportunity to capture some of the fun this family has together as well as the love that they share.  Steph has been extremely busy over the last little while raising money for our team as well as trying to squeeze in all of the things that she possibly can with her family before tomorrow when life turns a little more uncertain.  I thought that the best way to share this session was through a slideshow – this is the first time I have tried this so if it does not work, I will post images separately.  Hug your families tight and get your mammograms done!  Steph, your strength and courage is extremely inspiring and you will be in many of our thoughts tomorrow.

  1. What a beautiful Mom…my thoughts are with her and her family.

  2. Wow! That was amazing. Prayers are with her!

  3. Oh Jody. How beautiful. How powerful. I am crying. I don’t know Stephanie or her loving family but I do know that there are many who will be thinking of them all and including them in their prayers. I wish healing and happiness for them. Let them draw strength from all of us – those they know and so many that they don’t.

  4. Thanks Jody for creating such a wonderful keepsake for us! Thank you for the supportive comments made on this blog. I am now at home recovering from Thursday’s surgery and am doing great all things considered. I truly feel blessed to receive the love and support of my friends and family and even those people who I haven’t even met yet who have sent me positive vibes!

  5. That seriously brought tears to my eyes! The pictures are amazing, and in the slideshow format with the music … well, I have no words. Steph you and your family are beautiful. I wish you the best in your recovery from the surgery and in your battle.

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