Impeccable timing03.03.09

My children have fantastic timing.  I had not planned any sessions this past weekend because I was working on a commercial session last week and had a few other events planned this weekend.  This was also the weekend that they both ended up with the stomach flu – so although this does not seem like a blessing, it really was.  In addition, I have made it through the weekend without catching it – my husband was not as lucky.  I seriously do not even know how that happens…the only time that he had to deal with it was Friday evening when I was out.  Anyway, I am here and back at work and the event is still on tomorrow.  I will not be sharing the commercial pictures as they are for an oil and gas magazine so not really relevant to Tot Shots.  I am still working through all of the sessions from the past weekend.  I promise to have it all done by the end of the week.

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