Huntington Beach | California Family Photographer03.12.12

My family finally made the trip to the beach a few weekends ago.  We had been so busy getting settled and with me away for three of the weekends that we had not been able to get out and do anything fun as a family.  So off we went!  I chose the beach that was closest to where we live – 1 hour away.  I have since learned from the locals that there are so many others I should have picked.  Funny as a Canadian, I am not too picky about a beach…this had everything I was looking for water, sand, wind, two happy kids who love the beach as much as me and a pier (the longest pier into the Pacific actually):)  I will be sure to check out the rest though too – knowing it can only get better.

Part of the reason for posting these is to share with a client that is coming down at the beginning of April and we are meeting for a beach session.  I just wanted to show her a few things.  Also, I am in Calgary right now and missing my kids like crazy so it seemed like the perfect thing to blog:)  The bottom right hand picture is my favourite – it just screams fun, free, new adventure and exploration to me!  That will definitely be a big canvas in my house soon!  It has been an awesome few days in Calgary and I will have a ton more to share soon!

I will be in San Diego for 2 weeks in July if your family would like to consider something like this for your session this year.

Calgary-California Family Photographer

  1. Love these – so much fun!

  2. Super crazy gorgeous! Just love 🙂

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