Happy New Year!! | Calgary Family Photographer01.01.11

Wow the last few weeks have flown by! I have not been blogging for a few weeks as I was head down finishing Christmas orders, then focusing on getting my family ready for Christmas, enjoying a few days off and then right back at it.  We had a great Christmas with a bunch of family in town.  I hope that you and your families had an equally awesome Christmas.

I realized that it had been over a year and a half since I had last updated the images on my website so I made it a priority a few days ago to update them. It seemed fitting as it also was time to go back and reflect on 2010. It was a fantastic year for me personally and professionally. It was really fun to go back through the year in pictures. I am really proud of the work that I did this year both from an artistic and business perspective. I felt that I stepped out and challenged myself creatively as well as put some business processes in place that continued to improve the customer experience. And I am happy to say that this pride is backed up by the customer feedback that I received so thank you;) Another “improvement” that I made this year and am very proud of, is my work/life balance.  Much of this has been from necessity with the number of activities that my family was involved in this year but I feel that everyone and everything got an “even” amount of my focus.

I have not posted any pictures in this post as I hope that you will peruse my new galleries on my website HERE. I have set it up a bit differently and separated it into studio and location galleries. I have also added a feature presentation from one of my “day in a life” sessions. I chose a bunch of pictures from one of these sessions in order to tell the story.

The wall art gallery has not yet been updated but I PROMISE to have some of the pictures of art that I have done this year post in there soon.

I am so excited for 2011. I have a number of client wall art projects going on in the first part of the year, lots of amazing shoots, the WPPI trade show in Las Vegas in February and then plans are beginning for a few vacation “day in a life” sessions this summer. It is going to be a fantastic year and I am so ready to get it started!

Thank you to all of my clients for a great year with you! As you know, it is my absolute pleasure working with you and your families and capturing your memories! I hope that all of you have an amazing 2011!

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