Happy New Year!!12.31.13

2013 was a bit of a roller coaster year with many personal challenges, successes and an overwhelming amount of blessings.  I truly believe that the challenges are only there to make you stronger and I really feel that I am coming through this year strong and with increased clarity.

I am so thankful to all of my clients who have made this past year a wonderful year from a business aspect and I so appreciate your continued support.  As you know, I adore what I do and will continue to work hard to document your memories.  I will be going back over the next couple of weeks to put together highlights from my favourite images from 2013:).

I am so ready to dive into 2014 with a list of business and personal goals.  I will have my 2014 travel dates up here soon too:).  I am jumping into 2014 with my family happy, healthy and ready for adventure!  Wishing you the same through 2014!!

calgary family photographer

  1. It has been a roller coaster of a year! So excited for you & the year to come! Happy New Year!

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