Happy New Year!!01.03.08

Happy New Year to everyone!!! I am so excited to begin this year as I have so many things planned for Tot Shots! I will be moving into my new studio this spring. Yippee!! I am heading down to the U.S. for some specialized training – I am so excited to finally get into this course!! I am also looking into a “giving back” project – more details to come!!

I am also looking forward to learning to skate with my 3 year old – yes, it should be me teaching him however, I decided to purchase some boys skates for myself. It seems it is a bit more difficult than I thought it would be but I am always up for a challenge. Hopefully this does not result a broken tailbone or something!!

Last but not least my daughter will be walking soon – yep, at 16 months she is not yet walking. My son walked at 17 months so she is right on schedule. I expect that she will not just be walking soon but running and of course jumping (off the back of the couch) as he was.

So it will be a very exciting year – I would not have it any other way!! I will keep you posted with pics. Here are a couple of pics of my kids!Blog17_2

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