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I received a handout at my Fitmom class yesterday titled “Motherhood inspires personal growth” by Andrea Page (the founder of Fitmom). Andrea speaks of her story of motherhood and the success of her business, some of which I could relate to. She then goes on to speak about things that she has learned through motherhood and I could relate to lots of it and thought that I would share.

1. We have not been groomed for motherhood. What I mean by this is that unlike other cultures where getting ready for mothering is the focus of a young woman’s upbringing, our culture aims to get us ready for “success”. So I know that I am not alone when I say that I have found becoming a mom is something that I am still learning. The most important lesson of all is that I MUST let some stuff go, I will not be perfect. I also have no desire to prove anything to others. I actually find strength through humility and find my close mommy friends appreciate my honesty about imperfection.

2. Having a child means double duty on all fronts. In mothering you will be conjuring up at least double the energy expended in a day to meet the needs of both you and the child. In addition, your will be facing double the expenses and often half the income. My advice is keep it simple; take really good care of yourself in terms of fitness and nutrition. Use your time as a mom as a reminder that daily personal reflection will help you focus on your personal values and try not to get drawn into the competitiveness our society perpetuates.

3. It’s okay to screw up. Social pressures that define the perfect mother/career woman set us up to constantly be dropping the ball, so to speak. Learn to laugh at this because unless you have a caregiver for each child and a personal assistant you will come up short a lot. Before becoming a mom I was able to control most of my life. Learning that I can’t control a lot of things with my kids has helped me grow immensely as a person.

4. Motherhood changes your life. Although this one is straight forward, I have never seen more blood sweat and tears from the women I know once they become moms. I have seen young teen moms turn their lives around, career women reinvent themselves, women build businesses, grow change and evolve in miraculous ways. Motherhood is a bumpy road of self-discovery I am very blessed to be on.

5. Motherhood Can Change the World I believe that mothers are meant to change the world because their investment in the world around them is driven by a deepened awareness. Once you experience the successes and failures of mothering your own child, the pain of mothers around the world has new meaning. Mothering has taught me that I have the power to make change in myself and in the world around me!!

These are all points that I think about and work on everyday and I know I am not alone. It is always nice to be reminded though…ease some motherly guilt.

This weekend is both difficult and awesome for me having lost my own mother (the person that I looked to to teach me how to be a better mother) but then awesome in that I am a mother with two AMAZING children who continue to teach (challenge) me. I love to learn and be challenged and will continue to grow and develop with my children!

Happy Mother’s Day!

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