Happy Father's Day | Calgary Family Photographer06.17.12

I had to share one from yesterday to help celebrate Dads!  I whipped around while shooting Mom and their little one to find Dad getting a smooch from their other daughter:)  Love her arms arms wrapped around him.  Can’t wait to share more of this wonderful family that just exudes joy!

Happy Father’s Day to all the wonderful dads in my life – my awesome dad, my wonderful father-in-law and of course, the father of my children.  A little story about how great Mike is…  Since I was back in Calgary this weekend, a friend and I had a plan for Father’s Day.  She is watching the kids until I return so the boys could go golfing, I would then get back and make dinner for everyone.  Well, the kids begged Daddy to make ribs for tonight (his specialty) so that is what he did yesterday.  What a great Dad (and husband:)!

Have a good one everyone!

Calgary Family Photographer

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