Happy Earth Day!04.22.09

I had mentioned that I would post some notes from my Social Series session on 'Goin' Green for Parents' by Kerry Kaufman of Green Plan-it and today seems like a really good day to do that.  Now I can't go through all of the things that she covered because there was a TON of information but I can tell you about the things that I have changed or am working on changing.  

 - Trying to eliminate as much plastic from our house as possible – if not possible I ensure that it is a recyclable plastic in our disposable purchases 
 - Stopped purchasing bottled water
 - I have made a conscious decision to not use excessive packaging for my products
 - I do not turn the heat or A/C on if I do not have clients coming into the studio
 - I unplug appliances if they are not being used to avoid energy drain
 - We have stopped using our garburator (it is not able to cut food up small enough to avoid ultimately ending up in the garbage during water processing)
 - We will be purchasing a composter this spring – approximately 40% of the garbage that we have is food scraps – it might be a little lower in our house as we all like to eat;)
 - I am trying to be more conscious of my food choices and where they come from, how they are grown, how they are packaged…I have been trying to buy organic for the "dirty dozen" of produce apples, spinach, potatoes, carrots…

These are just a few things off the top of my head.  Kerry's website is www.greenplan-it.ca and is full of great ideas.  

On the flip side, I am sitting here working on clients' galleries with two computers running and the music going.  We do what we can!

I missed these pictures when I originally posted from this session…I had to share!!!

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