Happy Belated Earth Day | Calgary Photographer04.30.10

I know this is over a week late but just like Valentine’s Day, I don’t think there should only be one day of recognition. I have been focused on becoming more green for the last few years. Changes that we have made in my house over the last year are composting…it is amazing how little garbage we have each week now. I do have to admit that it took me awhile to do this one because I needed it to not be messy, stinky or too difficult. Lee Valley’s composter makes this extremely easy. The other factor to my delay on this was that I am not much of a green thumb so at some point I will have a whole lot of beautiful dirt. Fortunately I have neighbours and friends who do excel in this area and will hopefully take my dirt;)

Another change in light of a few documentaries like Food Inc., Sharkwater and End of the Line as well as working with Barb Thomas of Love 2 Eat, I have been continuing to learn and change the way I feed my family. Anyone who knows me, knows that this has always been something important to me but changes that I have made this year are eating at least one vegetarian dinner per week in an attempt to consume less meat. Trying to understand where my meat and fish come from and only purchase from the Sustainable Fish list. I have also been trying to consider the packaging and distances traveled in my food purchases (this was also brought up at my Social Series last year by Kerry Kaufman of Green Plan-it).

Another change I that I have been making is changing to online magazine subscriptions through Zinio or directly from magazine companies. I have to admit, I still subscribe to my paper version of Fitness magazine as I like to go through this when I am working out. Gradual changes;)

On the business front, I have always been focused on minimalist packaging in an attempt to be green. This is something I am going through again as I am in the process of changing my logo on everything. I am also currently going through system and process improvements to eliminate paper and do more online.

It is definitely a process and something that I do think is important (particularly as a parent) so I just thought I would share some of the changes that I am making. I would love to hear feedback on unique things you are doing.

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