Happy 1st Birthday & Merry Christmas| Calgary Children's Photographer12.24.09

I had to post one more session before Christmas as these are this little one’s 1st birthday pictures. I won’t have the gallery out before Christmas (despite my intentions) but I had to post some pictures for the special occasion. As a fellow Christmas baby, I understand the importance of having our birthdays recognized during a busy time of year. I have always been asked if I like having my birthday around Christmas and I have always responded that I love it. My mum (and now all of the rest of the people in my life) have always made it special. So Happy Birthday December babies and Merry Christmas everyone…it is just fine to combine it!

Oh and the pettiskirt…I could not resist. I saw them when I went in to pick up my children’s “Christmas” outfits (I use this term loosely as I am fairly casual) at Child at Heart. I was going to use the skirt under my daughter’s dress, however, she would not put it on – she is as girly as me. So, it has ended up as a prop. I know, I have said that I am against props but there is something about a gorgeous pettiskirt. I have ended up with a black one as well as this raspberry one so there will definitely be a few more shots in the future. ¬†Actually I know exactly who I will be shooting next with these!
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  1. Wendy Wignes { Dec 25, 2009 } Reply

    I think Sophie is beautiful. What a wonderful gift she is!

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