Guantanamera | Calgary Family Photographer10.23.10

Now I have to start off by saying that the title of this post took a bit of research. And the research started with google searches of “One Ton Tomata, I need a one ton tomata” as this song is known in my house. Yes, sad that I did not know the real words particularily since Cuba does happen to be place that I have travelled a couple of times (and a favourite at that).

The point is…this is the song that the father broke out into and his son into dance in the middle of Griffith Woods! FUN! Seriously, this is not a part of the father that I have seen (despite hearing rumours that this is more typical). I do have to say that after 5 years of working with this family…it is about time!

I love working with this family each year and so glad that we got to head into the woods where mom and son spend a lot of time. We also got to see the very thoughtful side of their daughter. It was a great shoot.

L and R it is always a pleasure working with your family!
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  1. ooooo, those eyelashes! Their eyes are amazing and captured so well!

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