Gorgeous maternity | Calgary Maternity Photographer06.03.10

I love doing maternity photos!  I don’t know exactly why…there is, of course, the anticipation of new life, the parents’ excitement, the unknown (particularly with other little ones involved),…  I think that it is a mother’s pregnancy glow though that I love the most.  I know that many times it does not feel like a glow but exhaustion and the “glow” is actually the extra effort to carry an extra few pounds (40 in my case;)…particularly when you are running around after one, two or maybe a few little ones already.  But EVERY mother I have ever met has a glow and I LOVE that I get to actually capture it.  The funny thing about this session is that the mom said partway through that she forgot her lipstick.  So I said go put it on and she said no.  She totally did not need lipstick and I so glad she did not put it on.

Aren’t their daughters gorgeous?  I can’t wait to meet the new little one!
calgary maternity photographer2
calgary maternity photographer0

I have to say I laughed a bit at the one on the right…they are going to need some extra hands!
calgary maternity photographer
Can’t you just feel the love!
calgary maternity photographer3
calgary maternity photographer4

  1. Oh my gosh! How beautiful. The belly, the girls, the light, the emotion. How lucky they are to have this forever! Fantastic.

  2. Just so gorgeous……

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