Give of Yourself

In February of 2008 I began a program in my mum’s honour.

My mum passed away in 2007 after a six year battle with cancer. One thing that I did when we found out that the cancer had “returned in an advanced stage” was I had family portraits done. Obviously pictures are extremely important to me and so this was something that I felt was incredibly important. Today and everyday those pictures are one of my most cherished possessions. When I began my business I knew that I needed to give back somehow. I have always volunteered and been involved in charities with past employers and now I had the chance to do something that was really meaningful to me. I initially thought that I would do something to focus on children with life-threatening diseases but then decided to turn it around and have it be a gift to the children faced with a parent that is fighting for their life. Because as a parent I think that we always want to think of our children and give them something to remember us by.

I know how devastating cancer in particular is and how difficult of a time it is for families faced with a similar situation. I recognize that professional pictures are probably the last thing on most people’s minds. However I also know that most families are trying to spend as much time together and to have as many good memories as they possible can together. This is why I think that it is only fitting to capture these moments. As such, I am offering a complimentary session and DVD package to those families where a parent of young children is faced with the fact that they have a limited time left with their family. I think that these children will need something like this to cherish and look at in years to come.

Because this is a sensitive and personal issue, I would prefer that if you know of anyone in this type of situation that you forward this information to them and they can in turn contact me if this is something that they are comfortable with and would like to do. My only request is that the recipient must be referred by one of my previous clients.