For mom! – Calgary Child and Family Photographer09.10.09


The following pictures are extra special!  These ones are for this mom!  She is my neighbour and although we have only been neighbours for a year, I can already tell you, she is an amazing lady!  She is an amazing mom, with a very smart, thoughtful little boy, she is a super supportive wife (her husband owns Kiwi Irrigation and works hard and does a great job).  Okay, I don’t know what kind of wife she is, I just wanted to make sure that I gave Kiwi a plug;)  All kidding aside, they are an amazing family and great neighbours.  C takes awesome pictures of her husband and son but alas, she is not in any of them!  So it was time for that to change!  This makes me realize it is time to set up the tripod and remote and get shooting my own little monkeys and myself!

We did a little bit of studio work and then went outside where these guys are much more comfortable.  So here are a load of pictures of my fabulous neighbours.  I just have to say that after moving 5 times in 9 years, it is so nice to finally settle in a great community with awesome neighbours!

Calgary Child Photographer 12Calgary Child Photographer 19Calgary Child Photographer 12aCalgary Child Photographer 13Calgary Child Photographer 15Calgary Child Photographer 16Calgary Child Photographer 18Calgary Child Photographer 11Calgary Child Photographer 17Calgary Child Photographer 20Calgary Child Photographer 21Calgary Child Photographer 14

  1. what a cute family! LOVE the ones of mom and son…bet she does too!

  2. I look these pic’s of the Robert’s Family. They are really stunning! Good job in capturing these special moment’s.

  3. Beautiful family and wonderful shots! 🙂

  4. so cute! what an absolutely adorable family. isn’t it great to find fabulous neighbors?

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