Foodie Friday06.27.14

I have mentioned here a few times how much I like food…good, fresh food.  I will often get into conversations with clients and friends about food.  At almost every meal, I am sending friends a picture of a creation…or flop.  I have always thought about posting here and sharing ideas but I am not a chef.  I don’t create the recipes, I follow them and sometimes tweak them to include what I have available.  I don’t always make pretty food so it is often not really picture worthy.  I do, however, like vegetables and have gotten my children to the point that they will now specifically ask for a special salad or dish that most kids would not typically enjoy.  I do get a lot of my friends/clients asking about what I do to get my children to eat them.  So after another foodie conversation with a client, I have decided to share food that I am enjoying at the moment (it will probably be a once a week post but who knows:) to maybe help you but also in hopes to receive ideas back from you.  Please feel free to comment or email your ideas:).

Again, I do not claim to be a chef, nutritionist, or even food photographer, just a mom that looks for healthy food to fuel her family relatively quickly.  I do a lot of prep in advance so that in a pinch I can toss together a great meal and we do not have to resort to fast food (that oddly enough my children will not eat – my son got violently ill once after a meal from a fast food place and can’t be convinced that he is not allergic to it:).

I will attempt to note the source for the real recipe if I remember where it is from.  First up is a salad that we have been enjoying.  Beet and barley salad.  The original was from William- Sonoma cookbook “Kitchen-Garden Cookbook”.   The original recipe called for farro but I had run out of it (I actually preferred the barley version).  The original also called for blue cheese but I am the only one in the family that likes it.  I love the book as it will allow me to use many of my “market bin” items in a really yummy way.  I will go into the explanation of my “market bin” another day.

The basic ingredients for this recipe (my version) are:

– cooked barley (I like to prepare grains in advance and then store in the fridge so that I can make this type of salad for dinner or a lunch)

– roasted beets (again, I prep in advance so can be used through the week)

– chopped parsley (I have this washed and ready to use through the week)

– chopped green onion (I keep chopped green onion in my freezer to sprinkle into anything)

– feta cheese

– dressing (olive oil, little bit of crushed garlic and lemon juice)

I have not included quantities as I typically prepare a larger quantity of each of the ingredients ready in the fridge and then prep enough for the meal that I am serving.


  1. Love this – so glad you are sharing recipes (and your tips for quick prep during the week)!

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