Flood victims | Calgary Family Photographer06.26.13

It has been a week since the flooding and I have been trying to figure out what to say.  My family has not been impacted by the flooding in Alberta but our heart goes out to the people that have been.  Especially the families that have lost loved ones.

A number of my clients and friends were affected by the flooding and I have been in contact with ones that I know live in the flooded areas.    I have assured the families that I know that live in these areas that I still have their images and that I will replace their memories at no charge.  I am going to extend this offer here to my clients in case anyone has moved into an affected area and I did not know. I cannot guarantee that I still have your images but if I have worked with you in the last 4 years, chances are very good that I still have them.  Although seemingly small, pictures would be the first thing that I would worry about if I was in a similar situation.  Earlier this year when threatened with evacuation due to grass fires, my car was filled with hard drives, pictures and mementos from my mum that could not be replaced.  There was nothing of “value” but that car load was priceless to me.

This is one of the families impacted by the flooding and I am still going through their images from our most recent session not even 2 weeks ago.  Although the damage was fairly extensive to their home, they were able to save their photoscalgary family photographer.  If you were not, please contact me.

I have to add that I am so very proud to be Albertan.  To watch all of the acts of generosity and kindness on social media has made me so incredibly proud.  I only wish that I was currently there with my rubber boots to help.


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