First of many… – Calgary Family Photography09.02.09

blog posts again this week – okay, so it is now Wed so maybe just a couple more.  I have fallen behind over the last couple of weeks.  With a bunch of commercial projects, client art projects/orders, the beginning of full-day kindergarten for my son, my daughter turning 3 (wow, who knew that these last two would be so emotional for this mom), tons of family in town, coordinating the next social series (details coming!), some summer fun and of course, some awesome family sessions with returning and new clients. I am going to do my very best this week to get back on top of everything and to share what has been going on here.  I keep telling clients that are booking to check my blog for my latest work and I have been so behind with actually getting something up here!  Not sure that this will change for the next 3-4 months!

The first family to grace my blog this week is a client that I have gotten to see each year for the last few years.  I am extremely appreciative of all of the amazing families that come and see me each year.  I love watching your families grow and change each year!  This week again, I have been reminded as to how quickly time flies and your children grow up.  It is really neat to get the opportunity to capture this for others.  Thank you!  R Family, it was so great to see you again.  You girls are gorgeous and a blast to shoot!

Calgary Family Photographer1Calgary Family Photographer3Calgary Family Photographer2Calgary Family Photographer4Calgary Family Photographer5Calgary Family Photographer6

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