Fill the Frame | Summer Photo Challenge08.06.12

This might be one of my favourite rules…and at times one that I need to work against:)  I like to shoot in close.  I like to get expressions so you can feel the pictures and see the details.  I need to remember the opposite and step back and look at the whole picture sometimes:)  Typically though, people take pictures from too far away and it is difficult to see the people in the picture.  Zoom in or move in closer to change the impact of your picture.  You can also crop in later but you have to watch the resolution of your image when you do this.  So this week, I want you to practice moving in closer and filling the frame with more of your subject to tell the story.  Here are some examples:

You can see here how distracting all of the stuff around my daughter is that you do not even really see her.  Once you move in, you can see her, her tired eyes from swimming and even her little freckles:).

_DSC0161_DSC0172aaThe next set is from a couple of months ago and we were enjoying root beer floats (a major treat around these parts:).  My son’s shot is okay, you can tell what he is doing  but my daughter’s shot has a lot more impact.  You can really feel how much she is enjoying that float.

_DSC0680_DSC0681aThe next set is a couple of my dog.  He has not been doing well lately so I am trying to capture him as much as possible right now.  He was diagnosed with diabetes in January and has been losing his sight due to cataracts as well as continuing to have hip issues from arthritis:(  We needed to return from vacation last week as he was not doing well and very anxious.  He is doing a bit better now that he is back in is own surroundings with his people.  As hard as it is to watch him deteriorate I am happy to have him home and be his seeing-eye person.


_DSC6859aHere are just a few more shots to depict this rule.

TOT12011 A046a 11x14My children return to school this week so I am right back to full-time work and looking forward to a very busy next 5 months.  I will share some of my vacation pics from San Diego later this week as we saw some neat things.

Next week I am going to talk about different lighting.  Looking forward to seeing your images!

  1. Beautiful pictures as always Jody! Thanks for the tips! Sorry to hear molson is not doing well. Take care, Pitkas : )

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