Favourite shoot to date! | Calgary/Invermere Family Photographer08.12.10

Yep, that it was.  And trust me when I say I have had a ton of sessions that I have absolutely loved – I may have mentioned once or twice on my blog how much I love my job;)  However, when this client sent me a note months ago to ask me if I would come out to Invermere to shoot a session at the their summer home and document some of the fun things that they do when they are out there, I jumped at the chance.  I do have to mention that they sweetened the deal even more by offering their cabin to my family for the weekend as they were coming back to Calgary for the weekend.  There was no way that I could say no – not only could I do an awesome “day in the life” session but I would get family time in the mountains.  OKAY!  For the record…I would have accepted without the sweetner;)  There is definitely something about shooting a family when they are in their environment and doing things that they love to do.

We started at their place with bike rides (yes,this is staged as they typically wear helmets), a milkshake, dog piles; then it was off to Lake Lillian for a little paddle board; next stop, skipping rocks at the creek and then finally off to the beach for ice cream and playing in the water.  AND most importantly…the celebration of 10 years of marriage.  FUN! This is only a fraction of the pictures but I needed to get a quick post up as a sincere thank you for a great weekend! N and G, thank you very much for your hospitality!  _DSC0397a copy_DSC0681a copy_DSC0409a copy_DSC0568a copy_DSC0616aa copy_DSC0632aa copy_DSC0635a copy_DSC0685a copy_DSC0693aa copy_DSC0698aa copy_DSC0705a copy_DSC0796aa copy_DSC0958a_DSC0976a_DSC0990aa copy_DSC1002aaa copy_DSC1039a copy_DSC1040a copy_DSC1075aa copy_DSC1084a copy_DSC1088a copy_DSC1212aaa copy_DSC1226a_DSC1276a copy

  1. Um, wow. Love!

  2. Janet pliszka { Aug 12, 2010 } Reply

    oooh Jody…. that looks like sooooo much fun!! What a treat!! My favourites are the milkshake one, the backs of the kids with dad on the board and the kids huddled in towels. Oh, and the one with the kids looking at their ice creams… oh heck they are all fabulous and I’m sure they are super pleased!!!!

  3. Nancy Matheos { Aug 12, 2010 } Reply

    WOWSERS! Nice shots ……. Looks like a perfect Matheos day! I’m sure they will love them!!!

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