Fall is short…09.25.08

But so sweet.  I shot this family last weekend – the weather was gorgeous – actually too hot for the outfits that they chose.  Especially when you get to doing a little running around.  We had so much fun at this session.  We started off very refined and posed but then we got into the really fun shots and by the end the kids were playing in the sand!  I love that!  I am pretty sure that they left thinking that we did not get anything (the kids are quick, but fortunately so am I)!!  I was having trouble narrowing this one down so here are a bunch!Blog48

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  1. Drew Prakash { Sep 26, 2008 } Reply

    OMG…..it is so nice to see pictures of Tammy and her lovely family. Can’t believe how much the girls have grown and Luke is so adorable…..looks like mummy. Fantastic shots Jody.

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