Extended Family Session | Calgary Family Photographer06.30.10

You will recognize this client from the opening page of my website. These first three have been clients since the little one was 2. Not only have I had the opportunity to update their portraits but they have also been involved in photo shoots for Cherry Four. Well, this time their mom asked me to do an extended family session for them. Part of the reason for the session was that one of the mother’s girlfriend’s father-in-laws, who is also a client (did you get all that) passed away suddenly. Fortunately I had done an extended family session for them just prior to him getting sick. The pictures were very precious to be able to look back on. So a discussion of that client’s situation made this client feel that this was important. I am honoured that they trusted me to do this session for them to capture their family and to preserve their memories. Thank you – it was so fantastic to work with all of you. I hope you had a blast despite the OVERWHELMING number of mosquitoes!
calgary family photographer

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