Energy – Calgary Family Photographer05.15.09

Although I have already posted a few images from this session, I have to post a few more…what I would really like to do is be able to post a slideshow of this session.  It was so fun and had so much energy.  I know there are ways to do this and will try to figure it out.  Until then though…here are a few dancing pictures.  This is such a great mom moment – I need to get some new “mom-moments” with my kids! That will be my goal this weekend!!  I am taking this long weekend off from shooting to hang out with my family, enjoy some BBQing and get some spring cleaning done around my house.  I will definitely be enjoying it as it is my last weekend off until the beginning of July!  There are some awesome shoots coming up in the next 6 weeks though!

Have a fantastic long weekend!!
After viewing this on the blog, I realize it does not really show up well.  Hopefully I can figure out a different way to display this!  Anyway, have a good one!

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