Dog Sledding | Calgary Family Photographer04.14.11

A few weeks ago we headed out dog sledding for the first time.  I tend to be a fairly mainstream winter activity person…skiing mostly…so this was a bit different.  The funny part was that I probably would not have even thought about it, if a friend (from NY) had not recommended it when they were here visiting at Christmas.  It is pretty sad that it takes visitors from another country to recommend activities in your own backyard but that is typically how it goes.  Although I will totally take her recommendations in New York:)

I have to give a shout out to the company that we used – Snowy Owl Tours.  They run a fantastic operation and it absolutely apparent how well the dogs are cared for and how much the employees and dogs love their jobs:)  It is encouraged that everyone give the dogs some love for the great job they do.  Well, you did not have to tell my children twice!  I totally would have thought that the dogs would be a little skittish but I was wrong.  They were rolling over on their backs taking in the belly rubs (my lab does not even do this:)

My son even had the opportunity to drive (with my husband’s help).  He loved it!

dog sledding

  1. Tamara Godina { Apr 15, 2011 } Reply

    Beautiful pictures Jody! Looks like so much fun! Dog sledding-added to my bucket list.

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