As I am going through editing sessions and putting together orders from the last few months of sessions, I am honoured as I get to watch and capture families interacting together.  I am particularly moved watching dads interact with their families right now…it probably stems from watching my own husband with my kids over the summer.  I know that these are dads that work hard for their families and some that don’t necessarily get to be around as much as they would like to be.  They hold important positions at work* and have to be extremely professional but then they come home and play soccer with their kids, goof off, snuggle, tell silly stories and sometimes are just a big kid too.  Having been on the corporate side for a long time, it is very awesome to really see the other side of these guys:)

*Please note, I know that moms work hard too…in and out of the home cuz I certainly get to see both sides of that too.  But as a wife and a mom, I know how fun it is to see the guy in our lives having a blast with his family.

I originally did not add pictures to this post as I did not want to single anyone out but then decided it does not make sense if you can’t see what I see.  So here is a cross-section of great dads that inspired this post:)…and this is just the recent ones:).calgary family photographercalgary family photographercalgary family photographercalgary family photographercalgary family photographer


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