Curls! | Calgary Family Photographer07.18.11

I first met this family a year and a half ago when the little one was a newborn.  It was amazing to see how much the girls had grown and all of the hair:)  With the weather cooperating that morning, we had the opportunity to do a combination studio and outdoor session.  The mosquitoes still hassled us but we toughed it out.  It is nice to get outside with these ages as the kids just want to run around and go to the park and explore.  We had fun doing just that!

TOT11027 A018 copyTOT11027 A035 copy


TOT11027 A062 copyTOT11027 A072 copyTOT11027 A077 copyTOT11027 A118 copyTOT11027 A089 copy

TOT11027 A127 copy


TOT11027 A136 copy

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