Cherry Four | Calgary Children's Photographer and Boutique05.23.12

As a small business owner I have always had great respect for companies that offer fantastic, professional advice and service.  I am very fortunate to get to work with one such company in Calgary – Cherry Four (a children’s boutique in Kensington).  If you do not already know Cherry Four and Fev, you need to:)  Fev has owned and operated Cherry Four since 2001, first with the location in Inglewood now relocated to Kensington.  Fev and her staff’s level of client care goes above and beyond.  I am not only a business acquaintance but also a happy customer.  I was in her shop to work on some art for her on my last trip and needed a gift for a friend’s son.  I knew she would have the perfect ideas and so I got something from her and brought it the other way across the border – I might be one of the only shoppers that takes things that way over the border:)

While I was there Fev presented me with a couple of things, an awesome new Fat Boy bean bag ottoman…in Tot Shots blue and she had a gorgeous little diaper cover for me.  She had remembered that I had asked about diaper covers during one of our conversations and that I could not find anything different and that I really liked online.  Fev had exactly what I was looking for made for me!  It was awesome – I used it the next day at a baby shoot I had.  Fev’s ability to hear people and figure out what they need is amazing and I am sure is one of the main reasons that she has had one of the longest running children’s boutiques in Calgary and is as successful as she is.  Her down-to-earth and friendly approach to business is so completely inspiring to this business owner and customer of hers!  Here is a shot of the first model to use it – okay, so the diaper cover is in the background…the expression is awesome:)

Calgary Baby Photographer1a

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