Charmer! | Edmonton and Calgary Baby Photographer07.12.11

I recently travelled up to Edmonton to meet this little guy.  His mom is one of my best friends.  We have known each other since elementary school (along with our other girlfriend in the previous post) and we have all been through so much together.  She is also my son’s godmother and SPOILS both of my children rotten.  I am so excited to now get to do the same for her little one.  This little guy who amazingly was supposed to be born on my son’s birthday (at the end of June) decided to make his grand entrance 6 weeks early.  So after a little stint in the NICU, charming all of the nurses, I finally got to meet him.  He is an absolute doll and definitely charmed me as well:)  He is so very lucky to be part of this amazing family (and by all of the smiles that he flashed me, I think he knows it too).  His parents are two of the kindest, most grounded, intelligent and loving people I know.  He is such a fortunate little man.

Edmonton and Calgary Baby Photographer1Edmonton and Calgary Baby Photographer3Edmonton and Calgary Baby Photographer1aEdmonton and Calgary Baby PhotographerEdmonton and Calgary Baby Photographer3aEdmonton and Calgary Baby Photographer4Edmonton and Calgary Baby Photographer6Edmonton and Calgary Baby Photographer2Edmonton and Calgary Baby Photographer5

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