Happy New Year!! | Calgary Family Photographer01.06.13

I hope that everyone had a fantastic Christmas and New Year’s.  We did…a little different than previous years but fantastic!!

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of my clients for an amazing 2012.  It was an incredible year for my family and my business.  It was filled with change, adventure and growth.  I am so fortunate to do what I do and to continue to do what I LOVE.  Thank you for trusting me with documenting your family moments and filling your home with memories!  I also have to thank Cristina and Jess for making the past year so amazing.

I am so looking forward to 2013 and all of the new work and adventures that I have planned in Calgary and southern California.  I will be sharing some of the favourites from the year and art from your homes over the next little while.  First I  wanted to let you know about the dates that I have available over the next few months.

I currently have the following dates that I will be in Calgary:

– January 17-20 – booked

– February 22-24 – availability remaining

– March 15-17 – availability remaining

– May 17-19 – availability remaining

I am still working on my April and June trips but will have these booked soon and will let you know.  I am also available for sessions in southern California (LA, Anaheim, San Diego and Palm Springs) if you are there on vacation.

Here are a couple from over the holidays.  Happy New Year!   I am so looking forward to working with you this year!

calgary family photographercalgary family photographer

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Molson | Calgary Family Photographer12.21.12

So many of you have heard me talk about our Labrador Retriever, Molson, that I thought that I should share that we had to put him down last weekend.  He was 11 and a half and a HUGE part of our family.  He has had a rough year with the move to California as he was diagnosed with diabetes in January and then losing his eyesight as a result.  His mobility from early onset of arthritis continued to deteriorate making quality of life for him diminish.

Molson was our first baby and began our parental responsibility.  He was my first real model as I learned my film SLR camera.  He brought absolute joy to our house from the moment we brought him home…yes, he brought some frustration as well but then what good things don’t:).  He was an odd puppy and that was what was so endearing about him.  Here are just a few of his quirks:

– He was the puppy sitting behind the fan that was blowing on one of the hottest days in July when we first met him (all of the rest of the dogs and puppies were in front of the fan).  However, he was the dog who had the bed (that was placed behind the fan) all to himself…loving the comforts right from the beginning.

– He went on to be one of the worst/smartest retrievers at the dog park…he would head out to fetch with the other dogs but then would wait and snatch the toy from the dog that actually retrieved it and return for the treat.

– His love for bananas had him almost tackling a VERY pregnant women at the dog park once.

– He loved to lay in the sun…he loved even more when we got air conditioning in the house and he could lay by the vent of cool air with his head still in the sun.

– He was so good with the children…tolerated my son as a toddler bouncing on his back and he LOVED “clean up” after EVERY meal at the hands of the little one:)

He (and my children) have brought the most belly laughs that I have ever had in my life.  Our household will not be the same without this pooch but was so much fuller because of him (questionable grammar:).  I don’t think that it will be long before we have another 4 legged family member…and no, it will not be a lizard much to our son’s dismay!

Here are a few pictures of our pooch.  Sorry some are snaps of prints (we have been going through bins of pictures this week:).


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THANK YOU – CIBC Run for the Cure | Calgary Family Photographer10.04.12

photorunI want to say a HUGE thank you to my team and all of our supporters for the CIBC Run for the Cure this year.  Team Tot Shots raised $20,545 in support of a cure.  That is amazing!!!!  Once again we were one of the top teams in Calgary.  This disease has touched so many of us but the energy and the community support that is felt by this day must be making a difference!  Thank you so very much!

Here is a picture accepting our spirit award…I really wanted Steph to get up there as she has an amazing spirit and is doing an awesome job fighting this disease and rallying support for a cure!

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Computer issues and the CIBC Run for the Cure |Calgary Family Photographer09.10.12

I know I promised a bunch of posts from the last few sessions but then I ran into computer issues last week.  We* don’t think that it is anything major, just a faulty battery. (*my husband cuz I am not the techie:).  Unfortunately expedited shipping did not come through so I will be behind a few more days than originally expected.  Thankfully I had finished all of my editing up to last weekend and had forwarded them to Cristina so that she could post galleries for me and send them out.  Thank goodness for her!!!

All of this happened just as I was heading to Edmonton to surprise my Dad for his 70th birthday so the timing was really pretty good.  I had a wonderful time visiting family, friends and shooting one of my clients there.  I even golfed with my dad and brother after having not picked up a club in quite a few years and did not a bad job of holding my own…at least more than I thought that I would.  All-round a busy but fantastic weekend!

In other news, the CIBC Run for the Cure is coming up at the end of this month.  The Tot Shots team is in full swing on raising funds in support of this great cause and in honour of my mum and Steph, our teammate.  We would love to have you run or walk with us.  I do need all team members to sign up prior to this Thursday (Sept 13) to receive a team shirt.  I want to thank all of our members and their supporters thus far as Tot Shots has already raised $12, 755 as of this morning!  Thank you to everyone who has supported us!  I do truly believe that we will see a future without breast cancer!  YEAH team!

I am just confirming availability remaining for the fall and will post a note over the next couple of days with the remaining session times.

Hope everyone’s back to school has gone fantastic!!

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San Diego | Calgary Family Photographer08.14.12

A couple of week’s ago we headed to San Diego for a little holiday.  My husband was attending a conference so the kids and I were left to explore on our own…staying just 90 steps from the beach (or so the condo marketing claimed:).  Needless to say we spent a fair amount of time on the beach…exploring for marine life – dead and alive; setting up a bakery and pho shop (cuz doesn’t every child make Vietnamese pho when at the beach); boogie boarding;…  The boogie boarding took a couple of days to happen due to the number of jellyfish washed up on the beach…even though he knows how many times I have been stung and I am still here:).  We then explored some of the local attractions – Safari Park, Birch Aquarium and the Zoo.  We missed Sea World this time as we had to head home for the dog.  We had a ton of fun and will definitely be doing that again…next time we will be taking bikes and exploring that way.


Love how he is holding his arms…they are like this in a few.

He was enjoying watching the life along the boardwalk.  Don’t blame him, there was always something to see:)


The most we saw of Daddy as he had 14+ hour days:(._DSC0912a_DSC0967

No, no, no!


This is child care for giraffe.  The little ones sit in formation like this so the adults can watch them easier…if only!!_DSC0961a

Take time to smell the flowers:)_DSC0984a

No pictures please!


Posted this on FB but thought that I would share here too.  “I hope nobody is watching”.


Still a little worried:)

Freezing…not really!_DSC1066a




Shark egg sacks:)_DSC1203


Touching sea urchins_DSC1244a

Trying to touch a fish_DSC1275a

After he succeeded:)_DSC1266a_DSC1267a

A speedier way to dinner which in the end was not as I ended up carrying her, the scooter and my camera.  Definitely need to work on her endurance!_DSC1306a



Komodo dragon and his deadly saliva…you know you have a boy when you know this stuff!_DSC1340aI know you have already seen this but it is a favourite!


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