A weekend scene06.01.17

As I mentioned, I have loved doing these little films and plan to capture as much as I can over the remaining time that we have in California of all the fun things that we like to do. It is pool season again (yes, there is a season without the pool here as it is too expensive to heat it and my kids won’t get in) so there will be quite a bit of video involving the pool. The water was one of my favourite places to be growing up and am so glad that my kids are getting that too…with a different spin (I grew up swimming in mountain runoff or a murky, green lake;). We will definitely miss this when we leave but are so grateful to have had the opportunity for this dream to even be a reality for a bit!┬áHere is a scene from a water fight that took place last weekend…a much needed break from going through and beginning to pack and downsize.


I will get back to sharing some client work as well as I have been working on some neat projects:).


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