Californication | Calgary Baby Photographer01.17.12

So the end of 2011 was a bit of a blur.  Not only did I continue shooting until the 24th of December but my family has temporarily relocated to southern California.  My husband had a fantastic opportunity to work for a great company so we “ripped the bandaid off” and made the move over the holidays.  Fortunately there is not a lot of “sting” that accompanies a move like this in the middle of winter:).  It did, however, add a lot of busy to get everything in order…especially over the holiday season.

All has gone well though and we have made it through the transition relatively unscathed.

What does this mean for Tot Shots?  I am maintaining my studio space and will be traveling back monthly to shoot and service my clients.  Jess will also still be available to shoot (I will be blogging some of her fall work shortly).  I also hired a studio manager in September to help me run the studio during one of the busiest times.  Cristina has been an amazing asset to the studio and will be staying on to maintain client care.  Although I can do a lot from my office in California, i have always run my business being in front of the client and like to have a friendly face there for you if you need it.

I currently have my first three trips booked for:

– February 2-5

– March 7-12

-April 19-22

The February trip only has one time remaining and March and April have a couple.  Please contact me for times.

In addition, I am legally entitled to work in the US and will be available for sessions in southern California.  So if you are down here and would like to capture some relaxing vacation time, please let me know:)

Thank you for your continue patronage.  I look forward to working with your families in 2012.  Now that things are settling I will be going back and sharing more work from the fall.  Here is just one of a little guy that made the trip from Edmonton to see me before I left:)


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