"But You Love Your Job" | Calgary Family Photographer11.14.12

I don’t often complain about being busy.  We are all busy and I, for one, choose to be busy.  I own my own businesses so being busy is better than the alternative:)  This fall has been different from busy seasons in the past though as we do not have full-time house/child help and both my husband and I have been travelling a lot.  So there have been some late nights and early mornings (more early mornings as I am better at that time:) working when the kids are sleeping so as to not cut into their time too much…although I have been having to do that too.  This weekend after shooting, I came home to make dinner and clean up a messy house and in my tired state said “Maybe I shouldn’t work” (remember I am coming off of almost 3 weeks of sole parenting too:)…and both of my children chimed in at the same time with the same line “BUT you LOVE your job!”.  I immediately snapped out of my overtired daze and replied, “Yes, I do LOVE my job”.  And so as “busy” as I make myself, I am SOOOO glad that my kids are seeing the important part – and it is offsetting my mom guilt a bit right now.  That is a pretty amazing lesson for them:)…of course, there was then a reinforcement talk about how they need to help out over the next few weeks so Mommy can do what she loves.

Things will return to a normal pace but til then, here are a few more from the job that I LOVE!

calgary family photography8calgary family photography9

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