Breast Cancer Supportive Care Foundation | Calgary Photographer03.29.10

I had the awesome experience of doing a shoot back in February for the Breast Cancer Supportive Care Foundation (BCSC).  The funny thing about this opportunity was that it came the week of the anniversary of my mum passing.  I was so honoured to be asked to provide pictures for their marketing communications.  The shoot was done with women and families that were fighting and surviving breast cancer.  It was an amazing experience for me to work with such women of strength and seeing the support of their loved ones.   Due to the sensitivity of the work I will not be sharing any of the pictures here.  I still wanted to bring recognition to this foundation though as I was so impressed with everyone that I met through this experience.  The staff at BCSC, the survivors and the board.  The genuine care, support, gratitude was overwhelming.

The support that this foundation offers is so important.  It was absolutely apparent how this group had helped each other through difficult times with an understanding that is not completely understood by families/friends.  Part of the reason for my support of this foundation is that I have always felt like I was not able to really support my mum very well.  My mum was incredibly strong and extremely private and the last thing that she ever wanted to do was to have her children “mother” her.  Fortunately my mum had an amazing support system in the nursing/teaching community in which she worked (as well as her family, of course) but I am sure that a community of women who had gone through similar experiences would have been very valuable to her.

Thank you BCSC for giving me to the opportunity to work with you.  Thank you to the ladies that participated…your strength was unbelieveably inspiring.

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