Break…and one10.28.14

I am behind a bit as I took a few days off to meet up with my childhood girlfriends again this year…we have decided it has to be an annual trip:). Although it felt absolutely crazy to be taking time off in the middle of busy season and after just being away from my family, I have come back renewed, refreshed and ready to conquer that last 2 months of busy season.

I had to share this one as this mom has been waiting a bit…:).  I have worked with this family for at least 7 years…might even be 8 now. It is shocking to see them change each year. Not only are so many of my “little” clients almost as tall as me but they are neat people. I got to sit down and chat with the eldest daughter prior to the session and hear about things she had going on. Very cool:). Promise to have more soon!

calgary family photographer

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