Boys, boys, boys! | Calgary/Invermere Photographer08.17.10

I love the energy of a shoot with boys! It may have something to do with the fact that I can’t sit still myself;) This was one of my other shoots from my weekend in Invermere. This family’s cabin offered a gorgeous setting for pictures. We did some trekking through the woods, played tag around the tree house (which escalated to bean your parents with pine cones – thus resulting in the shot with a shovel of sand and pine cones hurling through the air), zoomed some favourite vehicles and enjoyed the lake. Lots of fun!

When I showed up at this shoot the mother and I realized that we had played for the same soccer team last year. She had been referred through another client and we had not made the connection. Such a small world! K, it was great to see you again and to meet your family. Your boys are fantastic to work with!
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