Bounce | Calgary Children's Photographer04.14.10

I have had the opportunity to shoot this family a few times over the last few years. LOVE working with them. They are incredibly polite, loving and adorable children. This shoot was for the little guy in particular as his sister had a similar session when she was the same age. He is full of energy…he was actually in my daughter’s Gymtastics class this winter and he, literally, bounced through the class. So cute! Although the focus of this shoot was for the little guy I, of course, had to get his sister and mom participating. Mom is the photographer in the family and therefore does not get in front of the camera often – don’t we all know how this feels. So glad that she got in…these are some of my favourite pictures. As you saw in the last post, I have been trying to do something similar with my children…not the same.
Calgary Children Photographer

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