Behind…| Calgary Family Photographer09.02.11

I am embarrassed to say that I shot this session at the end of July…and I have had the images prepared for a post for a few weeks…the mom and I have even had our order meeting.  But I wanted to share them.  There are quite a few sessions that have not made it here and I am not sure if they will…I apologize in advance to those clients.  I do try to share as many as I can but blogging went by the wayside through August.  I had to take that additional blogging time (which seems to take me a significant amount of time:) and put it into my children.  We had such a fun summer and hope that everyone else did as well.  I can’t even believe that it is September already.  My son off to Grade 2 and the little one is heading to Kindergarten.  Holy smokes!  As I said to my son on the way to school yesterday, “I just want you to stay little”.  Of course in so many ways this is true and in many others it is not.  I was so proud to see him happy, comfortable and confident as he was reunited with his buddies.  I hope everyone else children are enjoying the beginning of their new year (and that the moms are hanging in there:).  I am pretty sure that the next couple of weeks will be a lot more emotional as my daughter heads off to school (however, not on her part because she can’t wait).  There will hopefully be some pictures shared here:)


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