Beautiful family and beautiful light | Calgary Family Photographer11.03.10

I have thoroughly enjoyed getting outside with so many of my clients this year. I think that many of us have had cabin fever after the dismal summer that we had in Calgary this year. We have had a fantastic fall and it has been so nice to get out and enjoy it. This family has been a client for many years now and I love working with them. They are warm and down to earth. It was a nice relaxing shoot strolling through Griffith Woods.
Calgary Family Photographer37Calgary Family Photographer36Calgary Family Photographer35Calgary Family Photographer34
These next two were back to back images. I loved the look on their faces – particularly the brother being caught off guard. And then in the next frame his response. So cute!
Calgary Family Photographer33Calgary Family Photographer32Calgary Family Photographer31Calgary Family Photographer30Calgary Family Photographer29Calgary Family Photographer28

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