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I did this session a few weeks ago and have taken forever to get a post up. I shared a few earlier but there were so many nice shots from this session. One of my favourite things to shoot is baby details – the dimpled fingers, the chub, the toothless grins, how they suck on their bottom lip, their toes, goopy teething hands and drool. I still remember the little details of my son’s first year (okay, there are a few pictures around to remind me). I have to confess that as first-born there are a ton of these pictures of him and not as many of my daughter. She is getting her turn now:). The first year is so fun! I often get asked what is the best time to come for pictures. This is tough, there are lots of changes in the first year so ideally a Watch Me Grow package is the way to go. If you can only choose one or two times then either a newborn session and/or around 8 months when they are sitting and interacting. I could go on because if there is one thing that you will notice from my blog is that I love something about every age.

I have a bunch of blog posts coming up…including a family of 8…yep 8…and the most recent family members are 5 week old twins.

May I also add that due to a tool that I learned of through a photography mentoring website, Two Photog, blogging should become a lot easier…well, I will still have to think of things to write though.

Lastly, in regards to my post earlier this week…may I just say “here is to AWESOME friends!”.

Calgary Baby Photographer

  1. AMAZING!~ This post and the ones before…..everything you do….BEAUTIFUL! You truly do capture the moment…Truly inspiring!

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