Andrea Dean Pilates & Movement10.21.16

I was very excited to get the opportunity to work with one of my family portrait clients to help her showcase the launch of her new brand. Over the next couple of weeks she will be rolling out the full launch and website but we put together a little brand film to help her introduce herself and her business. I have gotten to work with Andrea a couple of times with her business and what I love the most is her knowledge of our bodies and particularly those of us that are over 35. When I look for a workout myself these days it is something that helps me be stronger in the rest of my life…so I can keep up with my children (and my clients for that matter;). I want to participate in all of the fun activities that my family likes to do together and not fear that I am going to get hurt. I have watched Andrea’s care for technique and form and I think that is so important when taking on a new activity. I was absolutely impressed and know that there are clients of mine out there that feel the same so wanted to share this here. You can follow Andrea on Instagram at @andreadeanpilates or watch for the launch of her new website on October 31st at

Andrea Dean Pilates and Movement from Jody Boryski on Vimeo.


Since I have not described these brand films before I should probably do a little intro…this has been an extension of my business that I have been building over the last 6 months. I realized after doing a video class last year (that was really just for personal purposes) how great this avenue would be for small businesses. This allowed me to utilize both my creative skills as well as my education (MBA specializing in small business)/experience and help other entrepreneurs tell/share their stories. More of this work, if you are interested, can be found at


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