Almost five years later…|Calgary Family Photographer10.28.10

Here is a little blast from the past for you;) I shot this client almost 5 years ago (unbelievably I found a picture). She became a huge champion for my business which I am ever so grateful for. In the last 5 years she has since gone back to school and become a massage therapist and started her own business – Love 2 Heal ( This is how we got reconnected this year. I started seeing Ang after I “ignored” a soccer injury for a few months (ball to the head…embarrassing story…we will skip this part). Well, ignoring the injury did not make it go away and caused further issues leading to many trips for massage (and physio). Unfortunately for Ang, I am probably not an ideal client. I am terrible at thinking ahead to make appointments (thank goodness she is a FB friend and sends me reminders;). Also, like to talk A LOT during our appointments. I am not one to relax and have a massage (I rarely relax as it is). In my defense though, I think that this is mostly a coping mechanism for the pain that she has been putting me through in order to correct the damage that I have ignored. I am happy to say though that I am finally feeling much better (the feeling has returned to my finger tips) and Ang is definitely to thank for it. She is a fantastic massage therapist and I am thrilled to be able to refer her;)

Now, not only is she amazing at what she does, she has an amazing family. I knew it the first time that I met them. Their pictures spent many years on the wall in the first studio because they were one of the closest and fun loving families that I have ever shot (not to mention incredibly cute). It was so fun to get to hang out with them a couple of weeks ago and discover that this closeness had not changed. When Ang sent in the “get to know you” form that I provide it listed soccer and guitar as interests. She also mentioned that they might be a bit shy in front of the camera. So I told them to bring the soccer ball and guitars. This was SO fun and it totally put everyone at ease. Ang, I apologize that my customer service is lacking a bit in timeliness of this post but I do hope that what we captured makes up for it.
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  1. Bev Lidster { Oct 29, 2010 } Reply

    Aren’t my grand children gorgeous!!!
    Beautiful photography. Beautiful family.
    I love these pictures.:)

  2. Beautiful. Beautiful family, beautiful shots. Beautiful.

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